Greg Secker (Author of Financial Freedom Through Forex)

Are all "Forex training" things / courses terrible and the best thing to do is diving in with constant revision?

Hi I'm UK, been curious about Forex it seems very interesting, not a get rich quick thing, but an interesting way to make use of money that's just collecting dust.
My cousin told me about Infinite Prosperity, I looked into it, read it, saw loads of read flags, loads of wasted space, loads of wasted text, basic psychology and marketing; looked into it and the people involved, took less than 5 minutes to find even more red flags.
Same goes with England Greg Secker with Learn to Trade.
So I'm thinking, the best way to learn, same with anything, is to simply do it yourself, the same way we read books and resources to learn and educate ourselves on various things.
Am I on the right track? The best thing to do, for someone curious / interested to get into Forex is to simply, extremely cautiously participate in Forex trading with low risk with an emphasis on getting experience, while continuously revising as you would before a test?
Also, this resource list is amazing from the sidebar -
I intend to go through this thoroughly to see if it's for me to do on the side, so I'm not really expecting any in-depth answers because of this great resource, just confirmation it's up-to-date or something would be very appreciated.
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Financial Education Pack - Part 2 - Greg Secker - Forex ...

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